Wiper Wisdom 101: Are you wiping properly?

Auto Fitness

It is important in any season to replace your windshield wipers. If your wipers squeak, streak, or skip across your windshield or don’t completely make contact with the windshield as they go through the motion then the wipers are not cleaning your windshield correctly. The rubber will dry out due to age and use which can cause the rubber to crack and potentially scratch or gouge the windshield. More importantly, worn wipers will cause decreased visibility for the driver of the vehicle. Wiper blade replacement is a simple and inexpensive item that must be maintained. New wiper blades can make the hopping noise as well which could be caused by improper installation or even the quality of wiper blade (It is worth investing in a quality wiper blade if it can make the difference in getting home on a rainy night or not). Sometimes new wiper blades have silicon residue on them from them being molded. A quick fix solution is to take an alcohol swab and wipe the blades which should stop the skipping across the windshield.

Just as important as your wiper blades is your windshield washer fluid. Make sure you actually have windshield washer fluid in the reservoir and not just water. In winter it could freeze and bust the reservoir and could possibly damage the washer motor that pumps the fluid onto your windshield. You use windshield washer fluid because it is made up of a combination of a type of alcohol and a cleaning solution together. The alcohol prevents freezing, helps clean, and helps dry the solution off of the windshield when you are done cleaning it. A gallon of windshield washer fluid is very inexpensive. For something that doesn’t cost a lot of money its worth investing in to make sure you can see the road properly.

If you need windshield wipers we carry them in stock at Auto Fitness at all times. Anytime you get your oil changed with us we will make sure we check and top off all of your vehicle fluids including windshield washer fluid. We will also check the condition of your wiper blades each time.


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