Why You Should Repair Your Drive Axle

Drive axles are axles on engine-powered automobiles. It is responsible for transferring the energy from the engine and torque from the transmission onto the front and/or rear wheels. Drive axles respond to your steering wheel movement to determine how much power will be distributed to the wheels. The drive axle comprises of:

  • Constant Velocity (CV) Joints
  • Drive Shaft
  • Differential
  • Universal Joint
  • Axle Housing

If the drive axle is malfunctioning, the vehicle will not move properly. Most automobile experts agree that it is unsafe to drive when your drive axle is compromised. It can lead to severe accidents and injuries. One of the most problematic parts of the drive axle is the constant velocity (CV) joint. It can suffer from poor lubrication and worn-out boots. However, the entire drive axle can also suffer from weight overload.


Symptoms Of Drive Axle Trouble

Automobile owners need to understand the common problems that drive axles may face. However, it's just as crucial for you to recognize the symptoms of drive axle trouble. When you realize any of these signs below, please take your car to a trusted auto repair shop immediately:

  • Clicking Noises- The average person has probably heard various unusual vehicle noises before. A clicking sound from below is one of the most common symptoms when a vehicle's drive axle fails. The clicking typically comes from the CJ joints when they start to wear out.
  • Grease On The Tire - If your drive axle parts look greasy, it means that your rubber boots are affected. The rubber boots protect the joint and keep the lubricating grease in place.
  • Vibration While Driving - When the CV joint or drive shaft is on the edge of failure; it will no longer balance the vehicle effectively when the car is moving. As a result, the car will vibrate as it increases speed. Car vibrations can be a symptom of various things, so it's best to get a proper diagnosis from an auto professional.

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