What are the Signs of a Dirty Air Filter?

Understanding the signs of a dirty air filter can help you maintain the performance of your car. An air filter is playing an integral role in keeping the dust, dirt, and debris out from the air reaching the combustion chamber of your car but over time the air filter can be worn out thus, needing a replacement. You should know when it's time to replace it.

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Signs of A Dirty Air Filter

Let's discuss some of the signs so that you can keep an eye on your air filter:

Car Vibrating Excessively And You Hear Noises

If you notice that your car is vibrating excessively and making weird noises like popping then there could be an issue with the air filter as it might be clogged.

Air Filter Looks Dirty

A simple way to tell is by looking at the air filter as it would appear dirty. If you find it hard to see the dirt as it might not be apparent then it's better to let a mechanic check the air filter for you and let you know about the situation.

Exhaust Pipe Is Giving Out Black Smoke

If the exhaust pipe of your car is giving out black smoke then it's time to take your car for the inspection. It's possible that your mechanic might recommend cleaning or replacing the air filter.

You Smell Gasoline

So when you start your car, you smell the gasoline that indicates a dirty air filter. It's important that you understand the signs so that you can take effective action at the right time.

Wrapping It Up

There are various signs that would indicate that the air filter is dirty. It's important that you understand some of the signs so that you can take the vehicle to a mechanic. It's important to find an auto repair shop that can help with the replacement of the dirty air filter. An air filter is important for the smooth operation of your vehicle. Make sure you are keeping an eye on it.

If you need air filter replacement, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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