Wax on, Wax off

Auto Fitness

With it being summer time a lot of people wash their cars at home. Well if you’re at home washing your car what kind of soap are you going to grab? Most people go in their kitchen and steal their dish soap. DO NOT wash a vehicle with dish soap. If it has been buffed and there is a glaze or any kind of protectant on it (i.e. any kind of wax or sealant.) it’s going to strip it because all of your dish detergents have a type of degreaser in them. So even though it suds up good and cleans really good it’s going to be that much harder to maintain, because it stripped all the wax off of it. You want all the random contaminants to stick to that wax, that way it washes off easily. If the wax is gone and the random contaminants get to the paint they can etch into and damage the paint.

So by detailing your vehicle correctly washing it with a good soap and keeping a good coat of wax on it you can keep your vehicle looking pristine. If you would like to get your vehicle worked on by professionals we here at Auto Fitness offer this service using AIM brand chemicals.


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