Types of Car Fluid Leaks

You may not know this, but your car has hundreds if not thousands of parts that require various fluids to work properly. In a perfect world, you would have the answer to "what's leaking?" before you even left the parking lot at the gas station.

But in reality, it takes some investigation on your part to find out what fluid is leaking and where it came from. Here are six common types of leaks and how you can identify them:

Coolant leak

Coolant is essential for your engine to function properly. You may have a coolant leak if you notice an increase in the amount of time it takes for your car to warm up or see steam coming from under your hood after driving.

Engine oil leak

For the uninitiated, engine oil is the lifeblood of your engine. You may have an oil leak if you notice a large pool of liquid under your car or the smell of burning rubber coming from under the hood.

Brake fluid leak

This is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous types of leaks. Such a leak may be caused by a faulty brake line or worn-out brake pads. You may have a brake fluid leak if you notice your car is difficult to stop or has less braking power than usual.

Power steering fluid leak

Like a brake fluid leak, a power steering fluid leak can be dangerous. A faulty hose or belt often causes this type of leak, and the consequences are similar to brake leaks. It's characterized by a hissing sound coming from under the hood.

Coolant (anti-freeze)

A coolant leak may lead to an overheated engine which could then result in serious damage. If you notice your car has been running hot or overheating, you may have a leak in your cooling system.

Transmission fluid leak

Such a leak could be caused by a faulty seal, hose, or gasket. The leak can result in the transmission slipping and affecting your vehicle's performance. You can identify a transmission fluid leak because it usually smells like burnt oil and may contain a pink or red color.

When it comes to automobile leaks, the best thing to remember is prevention is key. If you are facing problems with your car and want to know how they can be fixed, please visit our auto-garage. We'll provide you with professional repair and care.

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