​​How To Tell When Your Car Is Low on Transmission Fluid

Similar to motor oil for your engine, your transmission needs fluid to keep its transmission components cool and lubricated. You should always have clean transmission fluid to make seamless gear changes. When you have a transmission fluid leak, or your transmission fluid levels dip too low for other reasons, you may notice one or more of the troubling signs below: 

  • Burning Smells - You run the risk of overheating whenever your vehicle runs with not enough transmission fluid. As a result, you will smell burning odors. Continuing to ignore this smell will lead to further transmission damages.
  • Clunking Noises - You may also hear unsettling noises whenever you make gear changes.
  • Trouble Shifting Gears - Speaking of gears, you may not be able to get your automobile into proper gear at all. In other words, your car may refuse to go into drive or reverse. Furthermore, it's very common for a troubled transmission to slip out of gear and go back into neutral in the middle of driving. Hence, low transmission fluid can put you in dangerous situations.
  • Car Jerking - If you start feeling your car lurch forwards, this is a sign that you need new transmission fluid. This movement typically occurs when you attempt to make gear changes. 
  • Shuddering or Shaking - When your transmission is low on fluid, your car may also shake or vibrate. 

Transmission maintenance is key to avoiding suffering from the symptoms above. A general rule of thumb for a transmission fluid flush and refill is approximately every 30,000 miles, give or take. You should always follow your manufacturer's recommendations, which are usually listed in the owner's manual.


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