How Do I Know When to Replace My Car Battery?

The sound of a dying battery can be incredibly dreadful to hear. When you’re in a hurry to get out of the door, you want to hop in and go. Without a working vehicle battery, you simply can’t start the engine. It can be even more inconvenient when you’re stuck somewhere other than your home. That is why you should not let your car battery drain completely before having to replace it.


The act of turning your key in the ignition starts chemical reactions in the battery, which eventually fires the engine to crank. With a dead battery, you might notice a few lights flickering on your dashboard. But, your engine won’t be able to turn over.


However, there are other signs to look for when it comes to a weak battery. First of all, your car battery may trigger the electrical warning light or even the check engine light. Immediately after detecting a warning light, you should bring your car to a trusted mechanic for an inspection.


Before your battery dies completely, you may notice the slow engine cranking several times that you’ve gotten the car to start before. If you hear the sound the first time, it should signal you to test your battery.


A weak or dying battery may also have an effect on your electronic-powered accessories. They may impact the brightness of your lights or your radio.  


An overloaded battery may also give off a burnt or unusual smell. Please inspect your battery to be sure. While you’re at it, check to see white, blue, or green ash-like flakes. That is a sign of corrosion, and it often collects around the battery’s connection points. 


A swollen battery is also a major sign that your battery is due for a replacement. Hot climates can cause the case of the battery to enlarge and even crack. If you catch this early on, please stop driving and bring your car to the experts at Auto Fitness. 


Typically, car batteries can last up to 5 years if they are properly cared for. However, it is best to be extra cautious of a weak battery when you’ve reached the 3-year mark. The longevity of your battery also depends on the battery quality and the climate you live in.


Keeping up with your vehicle battery is the best way to know when to replace your battery, which is why we invite you to Auto Fitness for battery inspections. For all your electrical service and repair needs, give our auto repair shop a call or visit today!

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