4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Put Off Windshield Repairs

If your windshield has suffered minor damage (small cracks or chips), have you thought about going to get it fixed soon? Now might be the time to as you could get yourself in more trouble than you previously thought. Timely windshield repair is vital for many reasons, some of which you might not even know. If you need some encouragement to visit Auto Fitness, these are some of the reasons why you shouldn't wait any longer!

Reason #1 - Interfere with Driving Visibility

When you neglect a chip or crack in your windscreen, several things can cause it to grow. Even if the damage isn't currently conflicting with your driving, there's a good chance it will result in that soon. Do not put yourself and your passengers' safety at risk by simply getting the necessary repairs.

Reason #2 - You Can Get a Ticket

According to Georgia law, it is prohibited for motorists to drive with a cracked windshield or rear window, where the crack is over 3 inches by 3 inches in size. So if you're driving around town with noticeable broken webbing, you're running your chance of getting pulled over by law enforcement. 

Reason #3 - A Repair Might Not Cut It

If you put off windshield repair and that chip or crack grows more prominent with time, it can be too late for a repair. If you end up with a more extensive break or crack, you'll likely need to get a complete windshield replacement, which is considerably more expensive than a repair. If you want to avoid the expense, you should take action now.

Reason #4 - Extreme Temperatures Can Worsen the Damage

Extremely low or high temperatures can quickly cause existing windshield damage to spread because both can cause your auto glass to expand and contract. 


Fast, high-quality windshield repair is the easiest way to avoid worsening your current glass damage or put your safety in danger. To get a repair estimate or schedule a service with our fantastic service team, feel free to call Auto Fitness at (678) 971-0964 or visit our shop in Gainesville, GA, today.

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