3 Signs of Worn Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are so crucial to our day-to-day driving, especially during this time of year when rain or icy conditions can strike. They clear off your windshield water, wiper fluid, and other particles that may be blocking your line of sight. As we prepare to transition from autumn to winter, we must prepare our vehicles for any weather. This includes changing your wiper blades. If you haven't replaced your front and rear (if you have them) windshield wiper blades in at least a year, you are overdue for this maintenance item. Read on to learn the top signs that indicate it is time for a replacement:

Sign #1: Noisy Wipers

When the wiper blades sweep across your wet windshield, do you notice a high-pitched squeal? This ear-piercing sound is not only annoying, but it is a telltale sign that your wipers are no longer effective. When your windshield is wet with water or washer fluid, it should glide quietly across. Don't just ignore the noise or let it be a distraction. Simply replace your wipers!

Sign #2: Streaks

If your wipers are simply smearing the water instead of pushing it off your windshield, it is clear that your wipers are useless. They shouldn't be hindering your view -- they should be helping! If wiping your wiper blades doesn't fix this problem, please replace them.

Sign #3: Improper Contact

If the wipers don't completely lay flat on your glass surface, it has probably been damaged. A common cause of warped or bent blades is the sun. When your car sits in the heat, it can cause the rubber to crack and the arms to distort.

Don't put off wiper blade replacement this year. Instead, please come by Auto Fitness today to be outfitted with brand-new windshield wiper blades. At Auto Fitness, we can assist you will all your automotive needs this fall and winter! Please call or visit our auto repair shop soon.

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